Cannibal Sam
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OOC: I so completely lied. It’s almost been a year and I didn’t continue this shit.

It just made me feel better to say it when I knew it wasn’t going to happen.
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It’s his 3rd anni in 9 more days on the 15th.


I might as well tell you what I was planning since it will most likely never happen.

Joey lost all memory of “Cannibal” Sam. Sam was relieved and saw it as a second chance. Which it was. But he saw it in a different way. Instead of trying to correct his ways he instead tried to repeat history in a better way.

By feeding Joey Who meat little pieces at a time to see his reaction, to see how he felt, see if he liked it or not. But every time Joey ate a piece of ‘bad’ meat he would regain lost memory.

Joey thought he was just remembering a nightmare but after so many times he remembers everything. He isn’t Paranoid!Joey though. He had his mind, but he’s disgusted, scared, and fearful of what Sam has done.

He doesn’t know what to do. This isn’t right. And he knew there was no way he would persuade Sam otherwise. So after thinking about all of his options he makes a decision. “That the fans were sorta suppose to make.”

Which was either “Kill Sam.” or “Contact the WhoPolice of Sam’s actions.”

Either, Sam would die in Joey’s arms, or Joey would watch Sam leave to WhoPrison where he would be executed. Either way he would die.

So, Cannibal Sam ends. Joey is free. But he feels empty. So very empty. Like he made the wrong choice.
He just can’t live without Sam. He can’t live without his stupid smile or his idiot actions. So he ends his life.

And that was going to be the end of this blog.

But I don’t think I will ever be able to play this out. Maybe some day I will when inspiration hits and I’m in a better place. But I can’t with my condition right now.

Thank you so much for every one of you who enjoyed Samibal. You guys made this blog one of the best things in my life. I’ll never forget this.
Thank you.

Wow I haven’t been on this blog in what feels like forever.

I just wanted to reblog this here for those who enjoyed Samibal.

Goodbye once again.



Hello to you too. You seem like a-


Sickly Twig… Would you like some Green Eggs and Ham?
Oh and I am Sam, Sam I. Am.

Oh gross.. That’s disgusting.. I’m… going to go make sure the milk isn’t expired..



Oh gross.. That’s disgusting.. I’m… going to go make sure the milk isn’t expired..

Hello there, a friend of Sam’s I’m guessing? I’m feeling pretty good! A bit starved though, can’t imagine how I lost so much weight.Heh, I’m so hungry I could eat a Who! Heh heh… not.. not really though.. Forget that last part..

Hello there, a friend of Sam’s I’m guessing? I’m feeling pretty good! A bit starved though, can’t imagine how I lost so much weight.
Heh, I’m so hungry I could eat a Who! Heh heh… not.. not really though.. Forget that last part..


Ready 8))




Ready 8))




The sound of her own name never sounded so horrific. Pupils dilated in agony at the cry of her brother. 
He had come to the sounds of her screams like she knew he would. How could she have been so stupid.
Holding back sobs of her breaking heart, she buried her face in her hands, scratching at her hairline in turmoil. She could go to him, tell him it was going to be okay, all okay.
But it would taste a lie to say it was the truth. 
“Cowboy…” she groaned through her tears, body shaking with tremors of grief. She had broken him, and in doing so, she broke herself.
“I-I … I’m sorry!” she hissed under her breath. It couldn’t end like this. She had to go to him. If only to say goodbye, she need to see him one more-

No. More sounds. Blithe had followed after, and the sound of Macbeth shot a new wave of fear into her blood. Her stomach turned at the thought of running but she knew what was to follow.
There could only be one reason the dog  would be brought down was to…

“Sam, we have to go, NOW.” she cried in haste, throwing her first aid supplies back into the bag and forced herself up. Static clouded her vision but cleared when the floor stopped spinning. 
She had a plan, but she had to last that long…
“You need to get on my back and-” she gulped, pained tears welling back into her eyes. “-p-push on my shoulder. We have a hunting dog after me. I have a plan but we need to move!” she explained, taking a knee so he could jump on.
They had to move fast. 

Confused he just watched as she leaned on one of her arms. He was about to question if she was okay when he felt something hit hard against his cheek. Suddenly facing the other way he hits the ground writhing in pain holding his cheek. Anger filled him by instinct and he wanted to snap right back. Sitting back up angrily he was about to get her back when her voice reminded himself to stay in check.

Looking down he felt ashamed, letting out another low whine. He was so disappointing in himself for everything he had done. He didn’t deserve to have a friend, mostly after what he did to the only friend he had left… If only he could do a do-over maybe he wouldn’t have done something so stupid. He shook his head a bit trying to to clear his mind from any thoughts that wasn’t listening to what she was trying to tell him. 

Nodding he took the bottle from her in one hand and took her hand with the other. And then his heart sank. ‘I’m scared.’ No.. noo no no no no.. She was scared.. All because of him. Sudden sadness hit him so hard that he could barely breathe. She was in so much pain and it wasn’t even over yet. He looked back at her with sad eyes, almost as if he could cry any moment. Quickly he tried to look a bit happier, at least for her. He squeezed her hand a bit. He had to say something, anything, to comfort her. 

"H-Hey, don’t be scared… It’ll be okay. It’ll all be— "

The sound of her name being called out was so loud it made him jump. He looked back in the direction of the apartment complex. He didn’t know what to do. Suddenly he felt her take her hand back. Looking back at her she was sobbing, shaking, she looked so devastated. He never saw someone so upset before. He started to feel panicked, what should he do? What DO you do in this situation? Should he hug her? or rub her shoulde- maybe that wasn’t a good idea. So many things was running in his mind and all he could do was stare at her. Why did he even think this was a good idea, he didn’t know anything about first aid, let alone how to comfort anyone at all.

A howl? What now? What— 
She got up and he quickly followed, he was completely lost but she seemed to know what was going on. He watched as she quickly gathered the few things back into the bag. His eyes widened, he had to WHAT? Again he glanced back at the apartment complex… He hesitated, in the back of his mind he had a thought… ‘Maybe.. Maybe I should just… I don’t deserve to … anyways… I…’ Shaking he looked back at her. He didn’t want to hurt her anymore. He didn’t. But she knew what to do so he obeyed. He quickly got on her back and hesitantly placed a hand on the wound and applying a little bit of pressure at a time.

"Are you sure about this?" 

He sounded a bit doubtful, he didn’t think they’d be able to out run a dog, mostly in her condition. And the only thought that kept replaying in his mind was, ‘You should just leave me’.


Pulling her backpack across the dust-covered hood, Cassandra froze at the feeling of a hand on her shirt and the tear of fabric that followed. To join him was a terrible choice. He was weak and unstable, walking the thin line between humanity and complete insanity. He was dangerous.

And now he needed her.

Weighing her options, she glanced to the top floor of the apartment and back at Sam. He was a hunter. Although not as skilled as he once was, he knew how to survive better than she would be able to. She could stumble around the desert and the burnt cities all she wanted, but to take a life was, for the most part, out of her hands. And to be honest with herself, she didn’t want to be alone in the end of the world.
Snatching her backpack from its resting spot, she held it by the hanging strap on the top and re-sheathed her knife to her belt.

“Come on.” she said with an even tone, taking his shaking hand from her shirt and pulled him away from their spot near her car. Keeping from plain sight, she slinked into the shadows of the dead bushes against the building, setting her sights on an alley between two other apartments across the empty street. Taking a breath, Cassandra made a break across the road and into the space between the walls. Dropping her bag and his hand once in the covered shadows near a dumpster, she fell against the left wall in pants. Running, even in short distances, was a terrible idea. Blood pumped with a force to the surface and ran down her shoulder once again.

“Sam, I need your help.” she gasped, holding a hand painfully against her open wounds in attempt to slow the bleeding. “Get my first aid kit and the little bottle of vodka, we have to stop the bleeding.”
Crying against the pain, grinding her teeth together and shooting furious glares to the wall in front of her, colors spun and danced over her vision to accompany her light-headed spells.
This was hell, she was convinced.

Eyes widening in shock that she was actually going to stay with him he let a smile show, not one of those toothy grin smiles but an actual normal smile. He fully expected her to tell him to get lost after everything he did to her. But instead she just took his hand in hers and he didn’t dare question it. He just silently followed her close behind never loosening his grip from her hand. Almost as if the moment they lost physical contact she would disappear right in front of him, forever.

He wasn’t sure where she was taking him but he followed every step, every movement and every pained breath she took. His full attention was on her, or on her wounds that was. All he thought was ‘It’s my fault, it’s all my fault she’s hurt. It’s my fault she has to run away from her friends, It’s my fault she’s now infected… It’s my fault that’s she’s going to-‘

She suddenly dropped her bag and leg go of his hand, pulling him away from his thoughts and back into reality. Still watching her closely he let out a small silent whine, he couldn’t keep himself from looking at her bloody wounds. The moment she spoke his name he listened closely, delighted at the thought of being able to help. Following her request without a second thought he dashed into her bag looking for the said items. He found the first aid kit easily but it took a moment before finding the small bottle of vodka. Finally finding it at the bottom of her bag he quickly rushed back of her.

"I got them, do you want me to do it?? What do I d-" Looking back at her he noticed how pale she had become. It almost looked like she had seen a ghost, it scared him so much. “H-hey, stay with me! You may be a garden smasher but you’re the strongest one I’ve ever met. I swear to Seuss if you give in I’ll use your body as a carving stone.” Wait- that just slipped out. He wasn’t trying to insult her or be rude, it was just habit.


Holding fast through his tantrum, Cassandra held her eyes shut in an attempt to slow her tears. Pain flooded back through her body, twisting her stomach in spirals of agony. Blood rushed and pumped from her arm and shoulder and pooled into her clothes. This was it, the end. If she let him go, she was done for. If she sat here too long, she’d bleed out if she couldn’t get pressure on her open wounds. She’d die long before she ever had the chance to turn. The grip on her friends wrists suddenly became less resisted, her prisoners arms still.
How long had it been since he stopped thrashing?

Coming back to reality, she cracked her eyes open to see what cruel trick was before her closed lids. He was shifting, pulling his legs closer to himself, sobbing in… was the remorse?
Cruel tricks indeed.

Flinching as he leaned into her, nuzzling against her and resting his head against her chest. She tensed, waiting for some kind of backhanded comment or threat of a slow death if he was not released. 

“Veggie… I’m so… I’m so sorry…”

Possibly the last thing she could expect to pass the lips of the person who, not but five minutes ago, had the intention to make her his lunch. The sounds of his haggard breathing and ecstatic grunts while his teeth ripped at her shoulder still played across her mind, seemingly in higher recency than his apology.

But here he was, shaking in regret and sobbing apologies with no energy to even hold himself up. That familiar mercy was catching up again…
Keeping her hands locked on his wrists, she eased the force on the arm wrapped around his torso, transforming the secure restraint of her arm into what could only be understood as an embrace. She couldn’t say much in that moment, only to rest her chin on the top of his head and stare into the endless town void of life. He was trying to survive, just as she was.
Only it seemed that he was better at it.

“…I’m not going to live much longer if I cant close up these wounds, and even if I live I’ll be-”

Choking on the full reality of what was to come once her body’s shock had worn off. But she could worry about that later. Cowboy and Blithe would be racing to the sound of her screams in no time. If they saw Sam, and her open shoulder, they’d kill him without a second thought. She would face her brother and Blithe with guilty eyes, they’d know what she would-
No. She couldn’t stay and have them go through that.
“…I’m going to let you go, Sam. You have to run. They’ll be here soon.” she sobbed, hands giving up on restraining her friend. If he turned on her now, he could possibly be doing her a favor.

Pushing him off her lap easily, she staggered to her feet and shot a glance to her backpack on the hood.
She’d be okay until her… diet changed. 
“You have to go now or you won’t make it.” she warned from beside her car, tossing the keys onto the fire escape. Blithe and Cowboy would find them, they needed her car more than she did.

Run? He didn’t want to run. Moments ago if she had let him go without a word he would have run without a second thought but… He was in his right mind now, and she was the only living friend he had left. After being pushed from her lap he struggled to stand back up on two feet, using the wall as best he could as a crutch. His legs shook, barely having any energy left into them as he stumbled towards her till he could grip the side of her shirt looking straight at her.

"I don’t want to run. I don’t want to leave… I don’t…" He looked away this time. "I don’t want to leave you… J- …Joey’s… g..gone…" Each word he said hurt. "You’re all I really have left…"

Accidentally tearing the side of her shirt with his claws he tied not to break out into sobs. He wasn’t the one that should be crying. Sure he was a bit messed up from what she did to him during the fight but it was nothing compared to the wounds he had inflicted onto her. He was just fine compared to her, so he just ignored the pain and tried to focus on her. He knew she was bleeding badly and needed to be tended to quickly before it was to late. There was no way he could just leave her knowing that she needed help, and wasn’t there others with her? Shit. What would they think of her in this condition? Would they- He didn’t want to find out.

He looked back up to her, fearful eyes meeting hers. "Come with me. Please."


A scream erupted from her throat before she could muffle it behind grinding teeth and pinched lips. The impact of steel on her legs broke all balance she thought she had, and before she even had time to gasp air back into her lungs, the teeth were back on her. They ripped at skin, tore muscle from bone and drained blood from her veins like a suddenly broken dam.

Back arching in pain as the tears streamed from her eyes, she struggled against the teeth in her daze, bashing at his arms and ribcage with pained fists.

She couldn’t hold back anymore. This wasn’t Sam.

Snarling her teeth in almost an animalistic fashion, a booted foot swung up from under the tangled mess of the fight and found its hit on a bony shoulder. Casandra bit back tears as she cracked her friend across the jaw that was sunk into her forearm, ignoring the throb in her knuckles from inpact.


Grabbing him by the back of the neck, gripping as firmly as she could under shake of stress and fear, and yanked hard. It was obvious that her hesitation to kill a friend was not something she had in common with him anymore.

 Pulling him away from her arm, she wasted no time to lift herself off the ground and lock her hands around his arms. Crying out in pain at the strain on her freshly bitten arm, she snatched both of Sam’s thin wrists in her good hand and held fast, spinning him with her own movement momentum.

Now back to front with her friend, she gripped him closely, hand holding his wrists behind his back and wrapping her hurt arm around his chest to lock him against her in a restraint. Backing against the building with a frantic, thrashing infected in her arms, she slid down the wall in choked sobs. 

They had to have heard her scream… they’d help her. Blithe and Cowboy would come, she knew they would.

They’d know what to do.

Not wanting to let go he just took the blows. They hurt but he tried to ignore the pain. He just focused on the taste of her flesh, the feeling of the flesh between his teeth, and the sweet taste of blood. The fact that she was his friend has been forgotten long ago. Who was she? She was just free food to him, without a name, without a memory. Completely forgotten to him.

A hard blow to his shoulder loosened his teeth’s grip on her arm and before he could get ahold of it again he felt the impact of her fist on his face. The pain was to great to continue keeping his grip onto her. With a quick yank he was finally disconnected from her arm and he lose all control on the situation.

Before he knew it she had him in a lock and was being forced to sit with her. He threw a tantrum, throwing his body from side to side, hitting himself back against her. snarling, growling, hissing. Anything. He had to get away, if he could just get her to loosen her grip some how he could run. His tantrum lasted a few minutes before he completely tired himself out. Panting he began to think to himself. ‘It’s over, she caught me and now I’m a goner. I guess I’ll be seeing Joey again sooner than I thought…’

Lowering his head he began to whine as he brought his knees up close. He was finally calming down and as he did everything was coming back to him. This was Veggy. His FRIEND. And he hurt her, badly. Eventually his view went to her arm, it was completely torn up and bleeding. He let out a little sob. This wasn’t suppose to happen. If he was in his right mind he would have never done this. Teasingly maybe, but he would have never purposely taken chunks out of her and infected her with the same damned virus he had. The same thing that took his dear friend from him.

Full of regret and shaking from anger and despair he hesitantly leans back against the one behind him. He nuzzles his head gently against her and spoke lowly in a sob.

"Veggie… I’m so… I’m so sorry…"